Bulk SMS Broadcasting by Autoresponders

Add the genuinely necessary edge to your promoting ROI with SMS Broadcasting. With Autoresponderz, gain admittance to every one of the fundamental apparatuses! Use SMS Automation to send SMS, Send and approve OTPs, Voice Call OTPS, Two Factor Authentication SMS..

marketing automation
transactional sms

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS service provider to send IMP Alerts, Updates, Reminders, EMI Alerts, Parental alerts and much more. Send Parental alerts, School updates, attendance, fees, roll number and marks. Send order alerts and updates to your e-commerce clients like order confirmation, cancellation, order delivery and return. Send booking or ticket confirmation via sms for event, rail, bus, gas, appointment and events.


Promotional SMS

Send Promotional Bulk SMS in India! Promote and grab new customers through SMS Marketing. Avail best promotional Bulk SMS services from the best bulk SMS service provider. Try Now! We offer you BULK SMS services at very economical rates and try our level best to provide you the services much cheaper and more stable as compared to your current providers.


OTP SMS Services for Enterprise and Corporate, Send OTP SMS via APIs. Best OTP SMS Gateway for sending Bulk OTP SMS for mobile Phone Verification. Authenticate and verify your users mobile. Integrate OTP Service with your software or application.


2 Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication SMS is a security verification process, which is prompted through a user logging into the system. SMS gateway for 2 factor authentication at affordable cost with free otp service api.

Voice Call OTP

OTP Voice SMS or Bulk OTP Voice Calls is used to verify a mobile number. This verification is done by making a call to the mobile number & playing a sequence of digits.


International SMS

Globally trusted International Bulk SMS Marketing and Alerts Platform. Send SMS with API, Faster and Cheaper SMS Campaigns and Alerts. Lightning Premium SMS Gateway to deliver SMS instantly across any networks without any delay.

Missed Call Service

Missed Call Number

Missed call service providers in India allow companies to place themselves in front of their target audience effectively like giving a missed call.


SMS Communication Features

Experience high open rates with our industry-leading SMS marketing features.

Unicode SMS

Create emotional touch. Send Promotional & Transactional SMS in regional languages.

Personalized SMS

Personalized SMS

Make your SMS campaigns more personalized & engaging using sender ID.

Scheduling (Day and Date)

Schedule your messages for sending at a later date.


Multiple Operator Connectivity

We ensure 99% SMS Delivery since we have multiple operator connectivity


Excel to SMS

Have your database in excel? make your excel sms sending software.

upload excel

Upload Excel

Send Bulk SMS directly from your excel sheet upload predefined format of Excel.

DND Filter

DND Filters

Online DND Filter - Scrub the Database against the Do Not Call Registry.


Blacklisting and Whitelisting

Make your clients number blacklist or whitelist based on your need


Contact Management

Quick DLR reports and analysis with the daily, weekly and Quarterly counts.


Multiple reports like campaign wise, number wise, date and much more.

flash SMS

Flash SMS

Lighting fast flash SMS which deliver quickly and when you read it will flash

DLT Template

DLT Templates

Use DLT templates and save time in sending texts that you send regularly.

Retry Mechanism

Smart gateway routing for SMS sending via multiple routes for timely deliveries.


Integrate free sms gateway developer api with your software, website & apps.

Improve results with SMS Broadcasting

Sending out SMS campaigns has never been easier. Get started with our SMS marketing software.

online sms survey

SMS Surveys

Start gathering insightful and actionable information by running SMS-based surveys and reach out to your valued clients by allowing bulk sms service providers.


SMS with Short URL

Smart SMS Service is the premium product which helps you to track mobile number and manage website links, attachments, tickets or mobile web pages in your text SMS.

sms short url

Long Code and Short Code SMS

Shared and dedicated Long Code & Short code Service to receive a response from the market via two way communication tool.