eCommerce Lead Automation CRM

eCommerce Lead Automation CRM

eCommerce Lead Automation CRM​ to automate your eCommerce Leads, Auto follow Up By SMS, Voice, Email & Whatsapp. Best Automation Software to do Complete (Whatsapp/Email/Sms) Automation to Increase the Conversion with Less Cost.

Connect Your Lead Sources

Connect your Lead Sources to capture leads from different lead sources. Our unique eCommerce Leads Automation CRM built for sales professionals who want to boost their eCommerce lead conversion and generate maximum ROI from their ad spends.


Segregate the customers category-wise and send them regular offers

You can segregate your customers category-wise and can regularly send them the latest offers and deals as per their tastes and preferences through the way of sending emails, SMS, and push notifications.


Welcome Nurturing Automation Flow for eCommerce

eCommerce marketing automation is an opportunity to boost up, simplify, and improve your sales and marketing tasks. In particular, mailing and communication with users. 51% of companies are already using marketing automation of some sort. But when it comes to e-commerce business, a thoughtful approach can drive better benefits.

Welcome Nurturing Automation Flow for eCommerce

Membership Benefits Workflow for eCommerce

In ecommerce, the most common example of marketing automation are email sequences. Marketers can create the messages they need to send when certain events or milestones happen (e.g. someone makes a purchase), and then use an automation platform to ensure those events/milestones trigger the sending of those messages.

They enjoy the benefits of increased engagement without having to manually create each message from scratch and send them out – which would eventually become impossible to do, anyway.

Membership Benefits Workflow for eCommerce

Cart Abandonment Automation Flow for eCommerce

Over 75% of people abandon their shopping carts online. In your eCommerce store, that means that 3 out of every 4 people who add something to their cart leave without completing a purchase.

Abandoned carts mean lost revenue. (This free abandoned cart calculator shows you how much-abandoned carts cost you — and how much money you could recover by adding an abandoned cart email.)

Cart Abandonment Automation Flow for eCommerce

Back In Stock Automation Flow for eCommerce

When someone subscribes to a restock alert, a Subscribed to Back in the Stock event will be tracked on their profile. This is the event you will use to trigger your back-in-stock flow. Shoppers will enter the flow when they subscribe to a restock alert and wait at a back-in-stock delay until their item of interest is restocked.

Back In Stock Automation Flow for eCommerce

Price Drop Automation Flow for eCommerce

In Autoresponderz you can trigger automation campaigns to send when a product a contact has viewed drops in price.

Price Drop Automation Flow for eCommerce

Facebook & Google Lead Ad Automation Flow for eCommerce

Automate your Facebook lead, Instagram lead, Google Lead. Auto follow-up with drip SMS, Email & Voice Call.


Other Useful Usage

Interaction with your clients

eCommerce business requires more interaction with your customer like sending time to time SMS reminders of left out orders, products available/not available notice/flash SMS along with a payment gateway link for making real time payment.

Increase website traffic

Increase your business, promote your products and send deals/offers via SMS along with a web-link of your offer pages which can improve website traffic. You can also push payment gateway links and office page links for the promotion.

Send Automate Alert

If you have any best deal/offer on any particular date or launch a new product you can send an automated info alert to your clients. The platform has multiple functions to analyse the effects of automated SMS in real time. Avail this service now.

Order Tracking and Updates

Create a customer club with particular benefits (newsletter, coupons, special events, extended hours) and offer free membership with any purchase over a set dollar amount. Otherwise, membership should cost something.

Cross-sell products & services

Cross-selling is very important and the most successful companies all tend to do it very well. For example, have you ever queued up at a supermarket and decided to take up their offer of a chocolate bar? This is a common industry tactic to encourage customers to spend more money, and it works online too.

Increase conversions

With the help of SMS automation easily set up purchase, stock notification, subscription details, payment status such as pending or received and much more.

Build Customer Relationship

Personal interaction with customers is a great way to establish relationships and encourage long-term customer loyalty. Your marketing can be a natural extension of this, which means you don’t always have to be selling. Send out thank you and birthday, anniversary greetings.


Use wording such as ``For every Rs50 you spend tonight, you get Rs10 off your next purchase of Rs50 or more.`` Your customers have an incentive to spend at least Rs50, and you'll get an additional Rs50 in purchases when they apply their future-use coupon.

Seasonal specials

For retails, it means promoting products that are in season. For others, use whatever major holiday is approaching. Promote the products or services—or create new ones—that somehow connect with the season, and put them front and centre.

Customer Followup

Do you follow up with your customers after they’ve made purchases? Rewarding customers for their loyalty is a great way to build relationships and earn more sales. Send new customers a special gift, such as a ten percent off coupon (which you can track), to encourage them to visit again.

Track your campaigns and measure success

We let the user track the conversion rate as well. You can anytime check the delivery stats and user engagement analytics to understand where you’re going fine and what else has to be done to captivate more user participation.

View detailed customer profile and understand its interest area

You can also view the complete detail of the customer profile including their demographic data and interest area. This will help in conducting the marketing campaigns in the right direction targeting the right audience.

Customize every notification/message as per the target lead behavior

Our automation tool lets you customize every message as per the behavior of your potential lead and send them the deals accordingly.