Cut your lead leakage to zero

Lead Distribution Software

Distribute leads by countless lead and agent attributes – lead quality, location, languages, agent performance & more

Round Robin Lead Distribution

A round robin is an arrangement of choosing leads in a group equally in some rational order, usually from the top to the bottom of a list, and then starting again at the top of the list and so on. A simple way to think of round robin is that it is about “taking turns.”


Automatic Lead Distribution

Automatically distribute leads by lead location, the products they are interested in, the sources they are coming from, and much more. Assign leads to the best-fit agents, based on agent-criteria, like seniority, performance, and more. Consider the potential deal size, preferred language of communication, and other parameters to set your distribution criteria.

Lead Source Wise Distribution

Organizations and companies generate leads using multiple lead sources like online ads, B2B Marketplaces, tele calling, field sales and much more. Autoresponders provide a tool wherein you can distribute lead sources wise in Business terms we can say Expert Positioning.

Cut your lead leakage to zero
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Product and Service Wise Lead Distribution

Having multiple products or if you are generating leads product wise then autoresponderz is the best software for your business. You can create rules wherein you can design lead distribution flow product or service wise.

Expert Wise Lead Distribution

All users need not be given full access to the lead management system. Their access can be restricted to only the leads relevant to their role based on customizable permission templates. Lead access can also be given based on time duration.