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Healthcare Lead Automation, Best Healthcare Marketing Automation + Patient Engagement CRM. Increase appointment to visit ratios. Healthcare marketing automation to build long-lasting and meaningful patient relationships. Make patients feel their health and wellness is your top priority. Be the hospital at hand using Autoresponderz services.

Increase appointment to visit ratios

Convert more inquiries to appointments, and appointments to visits, with relevant communication every step of the way.

For instance: Send appointment reminders, hospital location with links to maps, doctor reviews, etc. to reduce drop-offs before the patient visit. This would help increase new patient acquisition and retention rates.

Increase appointment to visit ratios
Send SMS for the Payment Reminders to your patient or their care taker.

Automate send post-diagnosis notes and suggestions

Patients have a lot on their minds prescriptions are easy to lose and instructions easy to forget in such cases.

After the diagnosis, or after their first appointment, automatically send all the information important to the patient via email, text message, or through the patient portal. This can include the prescriptions, the date for their next appointment, and more.

Automate send post-diagnosis notes and suggestions
Run reengagement

Run re-engagement campaigns for no-shows

Patients might ignore minor conditions if the symptoms recede by the day of the appointment. Sometimes, the patients might fill half the appointment form and leave. To minimize these drop-offs, you can run patient re-engagement campaigns through email, SMS and even Google and Facebook remarketing campaigns via healthcare marketing automation.

Educate patients of the next steps

Helping patients with the right information at the right time can enhance the patient experience, and improve patient retention. For instance, after the first appointment, the details of the next appointment date can be sent to the customer, along with tips to manage their conditions. This can be triggered automatically with pre-built automation workflows.

Educate patients of the next steps

Retain patients by automating recurring-event reminders

Create healthcare workflow automation to engage patients for recurring events. For instance, you already have the date of the first-year health checkup of a patient. Remind them of their health checkup next year automatically by using date-based triggers. Even something as simple as automating birthday wishes can go a long way in helping patient retention.

Reminder automation to Doctor /Patients

Reminder automtaion to Doctor /Patients

Other Useful Usage


Book online appointment, send appointment confirmation via sms.

Health Tips

Send Health Tips to your registered patient like what to do or not.

Disease Awareness

Run disease awareness alerts campaigns and make your patient aware about critical disease.

Payment Reminders

Send SMS for the Payment Reminders to your patient or their care taker.

Manage Emergency

Use missed call service to manage emergency call.


Deliver visitor passes to patients via SMS and confirm online booking.

Reports on the go

Make your health care business online send medical reports, prescription, diet plans via SMS attachments.

Make regular patient inquiries by organising campaigns

You can organise regular campaigns for retrieving the patients’ information and then get back to them understanding the type of healthcare facilities they’re looking for. This way, you can obtain the required inquiries about the targeted lead.

Conduct patient-specific messaging

By analyzing various leads captured at various platforms, you can conduct the patient-specific messaging as well that will make the patient feel more connected and thus, induce more chances of customer retention.

Interact with the patients by sending the right information at the right time

Also, you can send several important information related to their reports, prescription, or any other important dates to the patients keeping them updated.

Regular check on the conversion rate

We let the user track the conversion rate as well. You can anytime check the delivery stats and user engagement analytics to understand where you’re going fine and what else has to be done more to captivate user participation.

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