Voice Call Service


Execute Voice Campaigns at Scale

Record, schedule, and blast voice messages in bulk to target group. Customize your audio for live or voicemail messages.

Voice Broadcasting

Push pre-recorded voice call messages to a few or few thousand quickly with the best voice call gateway. A ringing phone call is hard to ignore. Send offers, alerts, updates, promotions, and more to clients, employees, voters etc. Send an automated Bulk SMS along with a voice call to provide more data. Send voice-based OTPs to your clients and have the freedom of integrating it with our free API.


Voice Call with IVR

Outbound call dialling to collect feedback, surveys, and polls with outbound call dialling for short replies through the voice call system. Or enable the audience to record an audio response to your campaign. Use automated messages for detailed feedback based on the reply.


Political Calling Campaigns

Best way to reach the targeted audience with a political message and raise awareness is using voice call, especially for less technical people. Or schedule automated voice call campaigns to rally supporters with the help of voice call service. Use the multiple voice call tools offered by Autoresponderz and never lose a chance to connect with the audience. Start using our world class voice call platform and experience immediate results.

lead capture

Lead Generation

Outbound dialer software enables you to get best results from your lead generation efforts and never look back. Use voice calls and add another layer of engagement with your valued client.

Automate marketing messages and push it straight to the client’s mobile. Add extra touch with personal spoken calls from celebrities to encourage action from the targeted audience. Get closer to the targeted audience with such voice calls from idols and celebrities.


Survey and Feedback

Surveys and feedback are a real part of Product development and change. It is likewise essential for new research identified with market trends and customer behavior. Getting your clients loaded with long forms and keeping the database for the same is a confusing process. Going above and beyond, Autoresponderz has built up an exceptional financially savvy stage through which your valuable clients would now be able to send their feedback, ratings and so on through missed calls.

Survey and Feedback
User Registration

User Registration

Getting a subscription for services or registering users to participate in an event requires a lot of manpower and resources. It also requires a robust database to keep the records of registered users. Autoreponderz makes the job easy with a single panel. Distribute one voice call number and get users to call. Auto reply with registration link will be sent to users and registration is done. It can avoid complications and save a lot of time.


Verification Process

The term ‘Verification’ has a key impact on the web and offline business. It is vital for the organizations to confirm their clients and the activity made by them. How about a missed call that can complete the movement for you? COD, Mobile number verification, pass on OTP and user confirmation by methods of missed call will be done inside seconds. No need to write computer programs. Brands will save colossal money with this affirmation system.

Contest & voting

Contest & voting

Getting reactions from live events can be daunting as it requires a robust system with integrated CRM that can successfully help you in getting the reaction focused on a group of spectators at the same time. Besides, individuals don’t have time to follow steps for voting. ‘Autoresponderz’ can be indispensable for voting events. With the same dashboard, you can run different contests by utilising a solitary Voice call. Draw in greatest customer engagement with tweaked contests.


Voice Call Features

Robust set of features for voice broadcasting.

Spread the Word

You can run various campaigns for promotional, informational and surveys to communicate consistently.

Boost Productivity

With automated calls boost agent productivity and concentrate on new verticals of business.

Audio Store

Create audio files using TTS or just use your mobile to record with the best voice call service.

Pull Customers

Send personalised events invitations, promo offers, or call customers to visit you and increase customer base.

Fire Alarm

Alert occupants on event of any fire incident by sending automated voice alerts to all the members.


The Voice call system allows you to use predefined APIs for integration.

Capture Information

Capture feedback, responses and information from customer through DTMF for detailed analysis and reporting.

Regional Language

Connect to potential clients in a native language with unicode sms service for regional languages.


With the best voice call services, perform real-time reporting on campaign response.

Reach New Heights

Reach New Heights, Reach maximum customers in no time and spread communication easily with minimum cost.

Highly scalable

Our voice gateway is designed for managing heavy voice call flow and can be scalable at any time.


Schedule voice call campaigns for future date/time and repeat periodically through campaigns.