Omni-channel Marketing with Autoresponderz

Irrespective of the industry in which your organization is operating, you also have to reach
prospective customers on their terms.


Unified brand experience with Omni-Channel Marketing

Bridge the messaging-technology gap of your brand with omnichannel marketing strategies.


Our SMS messaging service has flexible plans and a set of easy-to-use advanced tools that lets your organization create the perfect marketing message to reach out to all your prospective and existing clients. This is the perfect marketing strategy for creating a huge impact.

lead capture
Lead Management

Email Marketing

Create Drip Email marketing campaigns with multiple followup sequences on cold leads. Automate your complete lead journey from cold to hot. create multiple rules trigger multiple followup sequences on different different events to nurture more leads.


Voice Broadcasting (Tele Marketing)

Our super-easy-to-use voice broadcasting automation software allows you to create customised voice-based drip marketing campaigns. Trigger various follow-up sequences in just no time, and yes, everything is automated, saving you time and money as well.

Lead Nurturing
Extract students’ data from social media platforms

Social Media Plugins

Automate your Digital Marketing Campaigns. 85% of users want to discover a brand’s personality through social media. One of the fool-proof ways to reach your target audience and increase your brand.


Provide connected experience across the Communication Channels

Offer a coherent and connected experience to your customers by employing the perfect omni channel marketing strategies.
Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing can help you to generate more sales. Reach your audience through in-person contact and general media advertising.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Promote your brand and content on digital channels to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads for your business.

Product & service wise lead distribution


Use telemarketing and start reaching your customers over the phone to inform them about all your high-quality products and services.

Product & service wise lead distribution

E-mail and SMS Marketing

Send commercial messages – such as sending advertisements, requesting business, or soliciting sales – to groups of people via email/SMS.

Connect your apps and automate workflows


Best-in-class software and tools for digital marketing.

Upload Contacts

Upload all your vital contacts on a single platform to simplify outreach.

drag & drop editor

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Use drag-and-drop editor and e-mail marketing tools to create bespoke campaigns.


Call Recording

Use data and insights from call recordings to make informed decisions.

list segmentation

List Segmentation

Use list segmentation to help your business with higher closing rates.

lead score

Opt-in Messages

Offer your prospective customers the option of choosing to hear from you.

Missed Call

Use missed call feature to engage your prospective customers effectively.

Email Marketing

SMS & Email Templates

Use industry-best SMS/Email templates that match your brand messaging.



Use industry-best tools for text-to-speech conversion with Autoresponderz.

auto reply

Reply (Acknowledgement)

Use automated reply services to acknowledge customer requests seamlessly.

task and appointment


Schedule your campaigns effectively for boosting efficiency and results.