Follow-Up Management

Never loose an enquiry due to missed follow-up. Our advanced automation system provides you with multiple follow-up reminders on a daily basis as well as hourly which you need to follow for the day. 

follow up management

Follow-Up Management & Automation

It will also notify you on WhatsApp, SMS, Email & Voice Call notification on your & customers mobile before 15 minutes of the followup time. If you miss a follow-up, it will always show the reminder on the follow-up leads page. Autoresponder’z system provides not just lead alert but also provides you with timely reminder for clients whom you need to connect for any service, document or payment related queries.

How to follow-up sales leads smartly and how frequently?

How well we are able to win more clients irrespective of volume and industry, says a lot about the level of experience  and longevity you have in the industry. Both small and big organisations face problems to manage leads. You might have heard or read about thousands of blogs, strategies, Tips & Tricks in order to win clients and manage follow up smartly. 

Smart follow-up of leads are an imperative aspect of growing the business. It is a great way to sell more to existing clients and also get referrals of new clients. 

How to manage follow-up sales leads?