Proximity Marketing

Target your audience based on their interests, location, profile, activities being performed on day to day life basis and maximize your campaign effectiveness

geofencing proximity marketing

Why Geofencing?

How You Can stand Apart from the Crowd

Location-Based Targeting

Demographic Targeting and tracking metrics. On Premise,Proximity, Audience, Retargeting.

Putting Position Correctness to Work

Demographic Targeting and tracking metrics. On Premise, Proximity, Audience, Retargeting

Real Time Right People Targetting

Target the right people in real-time with precision, transparency and control

Multiple Campaigns for Audience Engagement

Engage your target audience with a variety of different advertisements. Be it static or dynamic – we’ve got you covered. Location Intelligence monitoring for campaign execution

Improved Engagement Rates

Engage your audience on the platforms they love most and attract them with well planned campaigns

Smarter, Faster & Detailed Analytics

Track and monitor where your target prospect Visits. Visual Insights and Analytics of Foot Traffic within the Geo-fenced parameters. Monitor trending activities & the predictive analysis behavior